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Leader's speech, Margate 1953

Winston Churchill (Conservative)

Location: Margate


In April 1953, the PPP won a general election in British Guiana. This led to fears that a communist government was being set up in the Empire, and at the time of the Conference British troops had arrived there to preserve peace. In this speech, Churchill ruled out a general election for that year, preferring instead to focus on the task of government. Here, key achievements included the house-building programme, the successful passage of the Bills to denationalise steel and transport, and Britain’s return to solvency. With regard to foreign affairs, Churchill expressed his support for the formation of a European Army that included Germany, on the ground that without the latter’s participation Western Europe could not be protected against the military strength of Russia. He also spoke of his hope that Britain and her allies could engage in talks with Russia in an effort to resolve their differences peacefully.

Owing to a copyright issue this speech has been removed. 

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