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Leader's speech, Blackpool 1950

Winston Churchill (Conservative)

Location: Blackpool


At the time of the Conference, international forces were engaged in military action to liberate Korea from communism. The success of this action highlighted for Churchill the need for a European Army to protect the West from the expansionist ambitions of the Soviet Union. With regard to domestic politics, Churchill called on the government to put an end to the uncertainty and call a general election. He also opposed Attlee’s plan to nationalise the iron and steel industries, and predicted that nationalisation would lead ultimately to the demise of the trades unions. A further concern was the rising cost of living, which Churchill blamed on the Labour government’s irresponsible spending programmes. He pledged that a Conservative government would halt this trend, and would also embark on a programme to build 300,000 new houses a year.

Owing to a copyright claim this speech has been removed. 

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