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Welcome to British Political Speech, an online archive of British political speech and a place for the discussion, analysis, and critical appreciation of political rhetoric.

Our archive currently holds texts of speeches given by Conservative, Labour and Liberal/Liberal Democrat Party leaders going back to 1895. Over time, it will expand to include speeches from all political parties and also audio and visual materials. We particularly welcome contributions of political speeches both past and present from other scholars, politicians themselves and from members of the public.

We intend to make this site an important place for all those interested in the theory, history and practice of political rhetoric. Here you can find general discussion of political speech, rhetoric and argumentation, and resources of use to anyone keen to extend and deepen their understanding of this vital political art. We especially invite comments on the speeches, be they from scholars, speechwriters or people who were there when they were delivered. These will help us to ensure accuracy, providing helpful background information to the speeches, and stimulate debate about what makes rhetoric work. 

We really want to know what you think about the site and what you want to use it for. If there are things we can do to make using the archive easier then let us know. For all further information, questions or comments please Contact Us.

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