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Donate a Speech

We hope that this website can become a major access point for all those interested in political speech in the UK.

If political speech in the UK is to be properly understood, appreciated and practised, then it is important to have a full record for study. It is therefore vital that the website contains as wide a variety of forms of political speech as possible. We have started with conference speeches by the main parties. But there are many more parties than that, and many more occasions for political speech.

That is why we are hoping that users of this site will help us to expand our database through the donation of speeches. Maybe you are a politician or political activist and you are wondering what to do with your personal archives? Maybe a relative has left you an archive of speeches and you are interested in them being put to use? We can help you. Please get in touch, using the form below, and let us know what you have and what condition it is in. We would prefer to receive donations that are already in electronic form, but if they are not we may be able to help.

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