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This website is an outcome of the research project ‘How the Leader Speaks’ led by Dr. Alan Finlayson and Dr. Judi Atkins and funded by The Leverhulme Trust. The website is also supported by The Research Institute for Arts and HumanitiesThe Department of Political and Cultural Studies and The Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics, all at Swansea University.  

The main aims of the project are:

  • to provide an accessible resource for all those interested in the history, theory and practice of political speech and rhetoric in the United Kingdom
  • to encourage, support and promote research into British political rhetoric, and to contribute to the better understanding, appreciation and practice of political argument
  • to undertake research into British political rhetoric and argumentation, and demonstrate the importance of such research for the wider study of British Politics.

Copyright, Citations and Permissions

We hope that this website will be of use to scholars in a wide range of fields and we are happy for users to quote from the speeches archived here or to use them for research or for education. We encourage you to let us know of any work you present or publish that makes use of the website, as we would like to refer or link to it in our resources section. However, their are copyright restrictions and the content of the site cannot be copied and reproduced for commercial use.

Copyright for the Conservative Party leaders’ speeches resides with the Conservative Party Archive Trust.

Copyright for the Labour Party leaders’ speeches resides with the Labour Party.

In all other cases, unless otherwise stated, copyright resides with the person or estate of those who delivered the speech.

Copyright for the introductions to the speeches rests with Judi Atkins and Alan Finlayson. These may be cited in accordance with standard academic procedure but not copied without permission.

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